PET free glittering effects:

After a period of high demand for matte and soft tone effects, according to Geotech, the trend towards glittering effects, preferably PET free, is growing.

PET free is crucial and plays a major role in the global industry’s efforts to prevent the build-up of microplastics in the environment. Water quality, animal and human health concerns are some of the drivers of the initiatives to stop using microplastics. The demand for environment friendly glitter started last year and is anticipated to grow as the nature of ingredients in consumer products becomes more important. Although PET glitter contributes only a small amount to water pollution worldwide, it’s relatively easy to avoid and there are environmentally friendly alternatives available on the market.

Because of consumers’ concerns about microplastics, the industry is looking for alternatives to traditional polyester based flakes, or Polyethylene Terephthalate. While biodegradable glitter tends to have limitations mainly due to stability issues, coarse pearlescent pigments based on glass flakes (Calcium Sodium Borosilicate) and synthetic mica (Synthetic Fluorphlogopite) don’t have any shortcomings. Coarse pearlescent pigments, particularly those with a narrow particle size distribution, represent the next generation of products to create glittering effects in consumer products. To meet market demands, Geotech has compiled a presentation on PET free glittering effects using alternative raw materials, which provide an outstanding sparkling reflection of light. This selection of Geopearl and Geodiamond special effect pigments offer sophisticated glittering effects without the negative impact on the environment. The products are approved for use in cosmetics without restrictions and are said to be even more stable than traditional PET based glitter.