Guide Formulations

Plumeria Youth Treatment Cream Gel.pdf

A gentle anti-age treatmentandnbsp;cream gel containing Biofruits Basil and Retinol 15 D. SchercemolTM* DID Ester rich moisturization. The ester, with it's large molecular weight and brunched structure, ensures targeted delivery of the actives. HydramolTM* PGPL and TGL Esters add humectancy and conditioning. Carbopol®* Ultrez 21 Polymer is an emulsion stabilizer.

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Baby Lotion containing NANOX™ 500, high surface area Zinc Oxide.

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Body Shimmer.doc

Body Shimmer Gel containing BENTONE® LT, rheological additive.

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Creme Conditioner.pdf

This weekly treatment is rich in vitamins and SilSenseTM* Silicone conditioning agents.


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Clear Hydrating Body Wash.pdf

This clear hydrating bodywash with beads demonstrates the excellent suspending ability and clarity provided by Carbopol®* Aqua SF-1 Polymer.

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Pearlize Mild Body Wash.pdf

This satin blue body wash demonstrates the stabilization of silicone and pearlescent enhancement provided by Carbopol®* Aqua SF-1 Polymer in a formula with high surfactant levels. This formula also demonstrates compatibility with cationic polymers.


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Bath Gel with Vitamin E Moisturizing Beads.pdf

This sparkling blue bath gelandnbsp;creates luxurious foam, and features gelatin beads with Vitamin E and mineral oil to moisturize and nourish the skin. Carbopol®* Aqua SF-1 Polymer imparts excellent suspending and stabilizing properties and allows for the formulation of a clear product.

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Moisturizng Body Wash.pdf

This bath gel contains SilSenceTM*andnbsp;DW-18 Silicone, wich is easily incorporated into salt-thickened formulations without the need for stabilization. This silicone ester delivers a soft and silky feel to the skin without interfering with the thick, rich foam.

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Clear Bath Gel with Beads.pdf

This clear bath gel with beads demonstrates the excellent suspending ability and clarity provited by Carbopol®* Aqua SF-1 polymer.
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Creamy Shower Gel.pdf

This luxurious, pearlized shower gel utilizes SchercoquatTM*andnbsp;IAS-PG Quaternium for skin conditioningwith substantivity in surfactant systems. HydramolTM*TGL Ester provides lasting moisturization, while HydramolTM*PGPD Ester improves viscosity, lends emolliency and helps to counteract the defatting effects of the primary surfactants.

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Emollient Shower Gel.pdf

In this streamlined formulation HydramolTM*PGPD Ester serves as the sole thickening agent. This water soluble-thickeningandnbsp;agent also delivers residual emolliency to surfactant-based systems. HydramolTM*PGPD Ester features excellent compatibility with many of the mild surfacant commonly used in bath and body products.

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Bath Gelee.pdf

The exceptional ability of HydramolTM*PGSDandnbsp;Ester to enhance viscosity is demonstrated in this formulation. Used as the sole thickening agent in this unique formulation, it forms a thick, stiff bath gel that thins and spreads on skin when it comes into contact with hot water from the bath or shower.

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Gentle Body Wash.pdf

GlucamateTM*andnbsp;DOE 120 Thickener is a naturaly derived Methyl Glucoside derivative. It adds body and provides a rich skin feelto this exceptionally mild, high foaming bath wash. Methyl Glucoside derivatives are well known for their mildness and their irratation mitigation properties.

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Salicylic Acid Facial Scrub.pdf

Salicylic Acid Facial Scrubandnbsp;

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Bath Gel with Vitamin E Moisturizing Beads.pdf

This sparkling blue bath gel creates luxurious foam, and features gelatin beads containg Vitamin Eandnbsp;and mineral oil to moisturize and nourish the skin. Carbopol®* Ultrez 20 Polymer provides efficient thickening in the presence of moderate levels of surfactant While maintaining a high level of clarity. The visual appeal ofandnbsp; this formula is further enhanced by the moisturizing beads, wich are effectively suspended by Carbopol®* Ultrez 20 Polymer.

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SulfateFree Acne Cleanser.pdf

This sulfate-free salicylic acid facial washwith nourishing andnbsp;beads demonstrates the cationic compatibility, thickening, suspension and clarity provided by Carbopol®* Aqua CC Polymer in a low pH application. This formula presents a gentle cleanser with a proven acne-fighting ingredient that treats blemishes and helpsandnbsp;prevent breakouts, without irritating skin.

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Shimmering Body Scrub.pdf

HydramolTM*andnbsp;TGL Ester is a water soluble emollient wich provides hydration and lasting moisturization in this aesthetically-pleasing body scrub. HydramolTM*PGPD Ester creates a rich, creamy foam. Carbopol®*Ultrez 20 Polymer suspends the exfoliants and effectively thickens in surfactant systems.

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Craem to Power Eyeshadow with Bentone Gel VS5PC V.doc

Cream to Powder Eyeshadow containing BENTONE GEL® VS-5PC V, rheological additive.

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Daily Moisturiser with Nanox Gel 200 TN .doc

Daily Moisturiser containing NANOX™ GEL 200 TN, Ultrafine Zinc Oxide Dispersion.

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Foundation with Bentone Gel PTM V.doc

Foundation containing BENTONE GEL® PTM V, rheological additive

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Dry Antipersparent Stick with Bentone Gel VS5PC V.doc

Dry Antiperspirant Stick containing BENTONE GEL® VS-5PC V, rheological additive.

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Moisturisng Shampoo for Ethnic Hair.pdf

This shampoo is desighned to provide gentle cleansing without drying or stripping hair. Conditiong is provided by SilSenseTM* A-23 Silicone wich adds shine and improves wet combing properties. Additional shine is provided by Ultracas®* G-20 Guerbert Ester. The formulation is stabilized with Carbopol® Aqua SF-1 Polymer, wich performs well with surfactants and pearlizing agents.

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Eyeshadow Stick with Bentone Gel MIO V.doc

Eyeshadow stick containing BENTONE GEL® MIO V, rheological additive.

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Face Mask with Bentone EW.doc

Face Mask containing BENTONE® EW, rheological additive

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Facial Wash with Bentone EW.doc

An amphoteric surfactant based facial wash containg BENTONE®*EW rheological additive

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Honey Body Butter.doc

Water-in-oil moisturising cream containing BENTONE GEL® HSO V and BENTONE® LT, rheological additives

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Lipgloss with Bentone Gel EUG V and THIXCIN R.doc

Lipgloss containing BENTONE GEL® EUG V, rheological additive, and THIXCIN® R, rheological additive.

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Liquid Soap with Bentone Gel MIO V.doc

Liquid Soap containing BENTONE GEL® MIO V, rheological additive.
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Aftershave Gel.pdf

This fragrentaftershave gel provides moisturizationandnbsp;and soothes the skin. GlucamTM* P-10 Methyl Glucosideandnbsp;Derivative is an effective humectant and moisturizer, retarting excessive water loss at the skin-product interface as well as reducing water-loss from this formulation. GlucamTM* P-10 Methyl Glucoside Derivative was spesifically desighned to provide optimum functionality with broad solubility profiles.

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Emollient Body Spray.pdf

This light, anhydrous spray provides smoothnessandnbsp;and suppleness . SchercemolTM* andandnbsp; HydramolTM* Esters are balanced to deliver silky moisturization, excellent spreading and luxurios skin feel.

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AnteAcne Gel.pdf

This transperant anti-acne gel featuresandnbsp;Carpobol®* Ultrez 10 Polymer and tea tree oil.

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Blue Lotus Moisturizing Mask.pdf

This soft, revitalisingandnbsp;facial mask deep cleanses and removes dead cells. It leaves the skin fresh and moisturized after rinse off without feeling dry or andquot;pulledandquot;. A combination of both light and heavy SchercemolTM* Esters provide a silky application and long-lasting emolliency. PromulgenTM* D Emulsifier, a highly cost effective non-ionic emulsifier, acts as an emulsion stabilizer and viscosity builder. HydramolTM* Esters are excellent humectants and conditioners.

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OilFree Two Way Foundation with THIXCIN R.doc

Foundation containing THIXCIN® R, which can be used for wet or dry application.

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Pearly Lipgloss with THIXCIN R.doc

Lipgloss containing THIXCIN® R, rheological additive.

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Peppermint Foot Balm with Bentone Gel LOI V.doc

Peppermint Foot Balm containing BENTONE GEL® LOI V, rheological additive.

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Super Hold Hair Gel.pdf

Super Hold Hair Gelandnbsp;

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High Viscosity Hair Gel.pdf

Excellent performance in high viscosity gels is readily achieved with Carbopol®*andnbsp;and Fixate®* Polymers. This economical formulation has a smooth, aesthetically-pleasing texture and outstanding humidity resistance even with just 0.80% (% TS) Fixate®* Polymer. SilSenceTM* Copolyol-1 Silicone serves the dual role of conditioning agent and wet styling aid.

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Sparkling Gold Hair Styling Gel.pdf

This gel formula is used to add temporary andnbsp;highlights while styling, and provides easy application through it's gel form. Carbopol®* Ultrez 21 Polymer thickens and suspends mica in this gel. Fixate®* G-100 Polymer contributes superior performance properties such as high humidity resistance and reduced flaking, and SilSenceTM* SA-1 Silicone provides conditioning.

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Ultra Mild Cinditioning Shampoo.pdf

Thisandnbsp;ultra mild shampoo uses naturally derived surfactants to porvide a rich luxurious foam and cationic conditioning agents to leave the hair conditioned and full of body. Corporal®* Ultrez 20 Polymer suspends the mica and creates a stunning pealized appearance.

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Clear Economy Shampoo.pdf

Thisandnbsp;shampoo is low cost formulation, with ingredients readily available in all most global regions. Carbopol®* Ultrez 20 Polymer imparts excellent clarity, flow characteristics and stability to the formulation.

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AntiDandruff Shampoo.pdf

This multifunctional anti-dandruff shampoo containsandnbsp;a cationic conditioner and bontanicals to provide conditioning and demonstrates the ability of Carbopol®* Aqua CC Polymer to provide excellent suspension and stabilization for zinc pyrithione and silicone at low pH.

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AntiDandruff Shampoo SCH0006.pdf


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AntiDandruff Shampoo with Zinc Pyrithione.pdf

Thisandnbsp;anti-dandruff shampoo, wich contains a water soluble SilSenceTM*andnbsp;Silicone conditioning agent as well as cationic conditioners, uses zinc pyrithione as the active ingredient. The zinc pyrithione is kept suspended using Carbopol®* Ultrez 20 Polymer.

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Soft Face Powder with THIXCIN R.doc

Soft Face Powder containing THIXCIN® R, rheological additive.

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Astrigen Facial Toner Gel.pdf

This astrigen gel tones and tightens skin,while removing oil from the pores. The Fixate®*andnbsp;G-100 Polymer serves as a film-former and provides the tightening effect, while the SilSenceTM* Copolyol-1 Silicone leaves the skin with a smooth, conditioned feel.

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Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizer.pdf

This clear aloe vera gel, thickened with Carbopol®*andnbsp;Ultrez Polymer, is an excellent gel for soothing sunburn and other skin irritations and may promote healing.

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Creamy PreSun Gel.pdf

This formulation demonstrates the use ofandnbsp;Novemer®* EC-1 Polymer as a rheology modifier and sensory enhancing agent. Novemer®* EC-1 Polymer improves the appearance, the pick-up, and the texture of thr gel. Carbopol®* Ultrez 21 Polymer is used as a buffer in order to increase the viscosity of the gel at low pH.

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Volumizing Root Lifter.pdf

This sprayable, low viscosity formula can be used on wet or dry to built volume and lift even with theandnbsp;very fine hair. Fixate®* G-100 Polymer contributes superior performance properties such as high humidity resisitance, reduced flaking and natural, touchable hold. SilsenceTM* Copolyon-1 Silicone improves wet styling properties and provides general conditioning.

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Curling Spray Potion.pdf

This formula is a conditioning spray to protect and moisturize hair against damage from curling and flat irons. Fixate®* G-100 Polymer is present to maintain body and hold. HydramolTM* PGPL Ester and SchercomidTM* AME Humectant are both moisturizers and conditioners. SilSenceTM* A-23 Silicone leaves hair smooth and shiny.

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Sheer Texturizer.pdf

This clear, clean hair fixative formula contains Fixate®* G-100 Polymer to style, sculpt, and add volume to blow-dried hair. SchercomidTM*AME Humectant provides moisturization and conditioning, and softensand improves manageability of the hair.

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Colour Reference Chart.pdf
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